Other Services

As well as carriage hire we offer horse powered land work.

Please contact us for a quote for horse drawn timber extraction, bracken bashing and grass harrowing. No site too small or job too large from a single tree to a whole wood. If required we can even provide our own woodsman with chainsaw, or we are happy to work along your own staff/contractors.


Using horses to carry out timber extraction or bracken control causes less damage to delicate woodlands allowing quicker recovery of the natural habit. The horse can better access denser woodland or difficult terrain than modern machinery. It goes without saying the horse is far quieter than a tractor and is more environmentally friendly. Horse logging is also better received by the public where woodland clearance is necessary but where mechanised clearance is locally unpopular.


With the pesticide Asulox now banned from use, one of the effective methods of bracken control is bracken bruising or bashing. This uses a specialised roller to crush the bracken stems and prevent further growth. This work is best done from late June to early August when the bracken starts to grow. Bracken bashing works by flattening the bracken and crushing it with its specially designed roller. This weakens the bracken stems and as the plant tries to repair the damage, sap leaks out weakening the bracken. When the bracken re-grows the following year the plants are weakened and further treatments can remove the bracken entirely. 

Unlike spraying, horse-drawn bracken bashing is not weather dependant; we work in all weather conditions. There is also no danager of contaminating water courses. Other benefits of horse powered bracken bashing include breaking up of dead bracken litter, which helps the rotting process and allows other plants to grow through the tangled mat of undergrowth. This helps restore pasture and woodland.

We offer a bracken control service throughout the Home Counties. Unlike with spraying, the effect of bracken bashing is progressive, often needing repeat treatments. Once the bracken is under control bracken bashing has a long lasting effect and can be used to completely eradicate or reduce bracken patches.